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Be Willing To Hear The Truth


John Here. . . "Christ, but Lucy makes me madder than a nest a hornets with her danged truthin'. Her way of shootin' straight from the hip, sweet and low, below the belt, well, it just plain rankles my hide. Her soft voice and haughty little chin all in the air, the diamonds sparkling in her eyes, none of it is on the up and up. But when I jump her about it, she smiles innocently and says, "Why Johnny, you said, 'All's fair in love and war." Awe hell yes, I did say that. But when I said it, I didn't intend on her using it against me. That's a mans rules and I didn't expect no woman to back me in the corner with them. Course I didn't know her then like I do now. Lucy don't abide by rules too good, and her sarcasm stinks, but I can tell you the way she walks through life makes a case for angel wings. And when she's done workin' me over, the makin' up is always worth the damned humbling I get from her."

Be like Lucy, . . shoot straight from the hip and use soft sweet words when you do it. Truthin' can come in lots of forms. And a little sweetness makes the big pills easier for folks to swallow.

Be like John . . . Humble yourself and take the truth as it comes. You'll find once your'e used to it, it goes down easier and makes for some enjoyable results.


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